Danielle (Danni) Hunt

Having started her career in 1996 selling high-end professional audio equipment to clients like Capital Records, Creative Café and Disney, Danni quickly moved on to commercial radio production for the likes of Disney/Hollywood Records/Buena Vista TV, Warner Bros. Pictures and Universal Studios, handling all aspects of voiceover from recording/editing to mixdowns.  From there, she was encouraged to start Cup of Tea in 2004 and has been successfully servicing the video game community ever since.

How does she take it?

At Cup of Tea, Danni handles most of the dialogue recording/editing, mixes and mastering, always delivering the quality and precision her clients have come to expect.

Lainie Bushey


Lainie started her career in the industry in 1998 working for a professional audio sales company as their “phone engineer” until the company dissolved, then moving on to the highly respected Aphex Systems, Ltd. From there, she landed a position at Coffey Sound in their rental department where she gained the experience of location sound equipment for film and video production. Taking a couple of years off to raise her son she then moved on to a well-established casting firm Kalmenson & Kalmenson, engineering for their voice over workshops. After many successful years at K&K, Lainie decided to come on board at Cup of Tea and apply her expertise to the world of video game VO.

How does she take it?

She serves as Cup of Tea’s vice-president, handing all casting/talent coordination and script supervision.

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